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by Carolyn Lesser, illustrated by Lorinda Bryan Cauley
Published by Harcourt Brace, Jovanovich,1984

An Award for Literary Merit, from Friends of American Writers, Chicago, IL, 1984.
On the list of the 50 Best Science Books for Children, The National Council of Teachers of Science and the Children’s Book Council, 1984.

     “The Goodnight Circle, is about beginnings and endings and how animals of the Wisconsin deciduous forest adapt to that magical time of day and night, between dusk and dawn.  I wrote this book about nocturnal and diurnal animals, and their beautiful habitat.  I wanted the readers to feel safe and warm.  I’ve always read to my children at bedtime to give them a feeling of tucked in, warm, as they drift off to sleep…and for them to awaken, knowing the world is a lovely place.  This is my wish for every child.”
                            Carolyn Lesser


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