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by Carolyn Lesser, illustrated by Laura Regan
Published by Harcourt, 1996

Booklist review:

     Set in a Midwestern marsh-wetland, teeming with wildlife, this lively picture book relates the underground and underwater journey of an adorable star-nosed mole.  The lyrical, rhyming verse is filled with wonderful images, description language and delightful action words:  “Hungry, prowling, dinner wish/Dive and feel for snails and fish.”

     Teachers will find this a natural tie-in with many language arts concepts.  For example, Lesser’s imaginative description of the swimming mole as a “furry boat without a sail,” can be used to convey the difficult concept of metaphors.

     Reagan’s oil-and-gouache paintings, nicely rendered in muted earth tones, depict in detail the plethora of creatures that inhabit the marshes.  In addition to language arts, this could be used in conjunction with a science unit on wetlands.

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Setting sun, rising moon open water lily blooms.
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