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Ukkusiksalik National Park,  Nunavut, Canada.....Wager Bay                                                                                                              65.5 degrees north latitude, 87 degrees west longitude
Welcome to my world of exploring, writing, and illustrating Great Polar Bear.
            Here I am in the High Arctic, in summer, thrilled with my new friend, one thirty foot kelp frond.                          

       I love to write in my "take and show" voice, to bring my reader into every landscape, scene, and adventure, as I write "the movie in my head," visualizing every detail.

















Great Polar Bear, is the first book I was asked to illustrate, and as I illustrated this Arctic biome book, in my studio, the scenes in my mind became sketches, became illustrations.  It was exciting to watch creamy rough sheets of heavy watercolour paper become a palette of vibrant gouache colours, created just for this book......then to cut and tear shapes from those sheets of colour and arrange and glue them to create a world of ice and snow, for my hero....Great Polar Bear.


The Research Photo...

© Carolyn Lesser

Polar Bear on Ice Floe     summer 1995                                                            Wager Bay, Nunavut,  Canada   65.5' N latitude 

The original cut paper cover.....

The New Chinese Translation of Great Polar Bear

       Arriving in Mainland China May 2021...




US edition of Great Polar Bear published by Seagrass Press, an imprint of Quarto Publishing Group,

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